The dream of owning a home is always a priority to many Kenyans. As we start off the New Year 2020, it is now way easy to make this dream a reality, courtesy of Optiven’s flexible mode of acquiring property. Many Kenyans have benefited from Optiven’s flexible model of owning properties.

Customers have a chance to offer their desired plan of payment of properties.  This can be evidenced by the several testimonials given by Optiven customers, and it rekindles hopes that any Kenyans can own a home, no matter the income, and provided that they engage with a vision.

Optiven Vision is making many dreams come to fruition by allowing you as a customer to start the journey of owning at your terms. You only need to let it be known by any member of the Optiven team.

One such Kenyan whose dream is now a true reality is the current Victory Gardens Phase 1 & 2 Home Owners Association Chairman Mr. Mark Aloo. His is a true testimony indeed. This determined man started with only Ksh18, 000. He was very hesitant as his job was not stable at the time of his commitment. His story is a true inspiration to many Kenyans out there.

See his very encouraging story captured on video

There are many other customers who were not sure of ever owning a property in a very competitive environment.

One such example is some two sisters – Phyllis and Ann, who started off their investment journey in 2015 when they did not have much to engage in a property ownership journey. Their story is one that is a investment morale booster and hope giver too.

But they were courageous enough to start it off and in 2018 they got their tittle deed through Optiven Limited, they savored the moment by acknowledging just how worthwhile the Optiven installments payment process is.

Listen to their testimony

As we start the year 2020, we have good news, Optiven recently inked a super amazing deal with Equity Bank which now allows you to become property owners by offering them a staggering 120 months repayment plan for a property that is located at a serene Golf Resort off Thika Super Highway. (

The deal also allows you an option of redeem at any juncture of your 10 years repayment plan. A wise investor will take longest option and when doors open for more resources, you redeem. The good news is that no penalties on redemption

We are advising our royal customers to get this long installment plan as it will give you a good breather and will also allow you to plan your finances in a better manner.

Under this extremely unique and Special arrangement, you only need to select a plot, pay only 10% depending on size, location and price of the property and immediately you join the best project in East & Central Africa. The 90% will be advanced by our partnership arrangement. What a good way to own a property on one of the best golf estate.

Make your start of this decade an extraordinary and make life as exciting as possible. BUILD your better future Right Now. Join the Optiven family today and change your life in 2020.

What’s more, in the spirit of the New Year, we are also treating you or your loved one with a Panarottis Dinner Voucher on every purchase you make

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