Worried about security, how trustworthy the agent may be, how to pay for a particular piece of land or property?  Well, worry not! Optiven Limited has got you covered.

Investing with Optiven you gives you assurance in the increase in terms of value of your piece of land. An example is the Imani Breeze Kitengela, four years ago it was full of thorns, dry and with no life at all. Optiven took it up and stated the value additions, it’s value was Ksh. 900,000 which has since risen to Ksh. 1.695M. This is a clear indication that land appreciates with time. Imani Breeze Gardens is now referred to as ‘the Runda of Kitengela’


Optiven Limited is one of the leading real estate agencies in Kenya, whose main aim is to ensure that investors from the diaspora are not left behind, hence providing an easy and smooth investment process for them.

George Wachiuri the CEO – Optiven and the team often visit various countries to reach out to Kenyans who are interested in investing back home. During this visits, he advises on how to invest in Kenya, the current offers and benefits of investing with Optiven.

  • It has a smooth purchase process – making it quite easy and convenient for you to do the purchase from wherever you are. The purchase process is also transparent, no hidden costs or agendas.“What you see is what you get”
  • Payment process has been made very easy for investors and it can be done at the comfort of their home – with PoaPay one can transfer money online, send money to Kenya, conduct wire transfers. With this you don’t have to worry about long queues at the bank or how the money would reach the respective recipient.

To get more details on how you can invest with us Kindly talk to us via 0702 831083 , 0738 831083, Email; info@optiven.co.ke. Website: http://www.optiven.co.ke