The Optiven Group is keen on working with stakeholders at all levels as we move forward in taking steps towards joining IBUKA. This being the first few months since formalizing the process, we continue to receive a number of enquiries from our stakeholders who want to know what exactly is happening. As the captain, I can clarify first of all that we are on to a new trajectorty of growth and are on course, 20 years after kickstarting business, to propel Optiven to the next level.

As indicated during the launch of the entry to IBUKA on the 29th of April this year, our first line of engagement will be our associates who have walked the journey with us, made the vision a reality and believed in the mission of why Optiven exists.

To this end, we are taking steps to prepare our staff across the board on the upcoming ESOP. And as is tradition of Optiven, we have set the pace for the sector players to be the first conglomerate that hosts real estate to first of all provide our staff with an opportunity to own the company, and to engage the public to be a part of the Optiven dream, the latter being the larger perspective upon successful incubation under IBUKA.

The next step would be to engage the public and institutions as well as establishments and corporations to discuss how they can take a part of the cake that we have baked for over 20 years.  This were part of the discsussions that are coming up as we engage many interested parties.

The discussion has been prevalent including at the meeting I had with Bishop Mark Kariuki, the Country Overseer of the Deliverance Churches International in Kenya on 11th June 2021. Of course with the guidance from the Nairobi Securities Exchange, our different partners, we as Optiven are taking our time during our engagement with IBUKA to provide as much information as possible with regard to the entry to the NSE.

We are using every available platform to provide the information necessary to enable investors plan early and consult before we launch out to include the public in the understanding that the future of Optiven is great, but can be greater because of public private partnerships.

In terms of interest, the move by Optiven has received great attention both in Africa and global circles. It is this interest that signalled out an invitation by CNBC Africa an African pay television network produced under license from CNBC International and owned by Africa Business News. It is headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg where Optiven has had engagement with Kenyans living in Diaspora in the past.

We are grateful that on the 17th June 2021 CNBC Africa engaged me to speak on this important topic OPTIVEN JOINING THE NSE AND OUR EXPANSION PLANS FOR THE CONTINENT. Keep it here as we continue to share information on what the future holds including where in Africa you can find our footprint.

This is important to us as Optiven because it is bringing to life the prophecy through the London Stock Exchange Group LSEG which in the year 2019 covered Optiven as one of the Companies that inspire.
Overally we are keen to continue in our quest to transform the society and this we are doing in every way because at Optiven Group, we are inspiring possibilities.

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