Landing in Boston gives me a lot of joy and delight. I am here not just for pure business but to shape up relationships with my great friends, churches, investment groups and individual friends in Massachusetts.

I believe that relationships shape us up more than we think. I am also keen to evaluate the progress of specific persons, here,whom we have been working in partnerships with. It’s a great honor for me to see people moving from one higher level to another. As I was making my way here, my flight delay in Qatar kept me thinking – why should I bother traveling all over the globe to empower people; to inspire them and seek after their well-being. The more I pondered on this question, the more I realized how fired up I am, to inspire and to create and maintain relationships.

Life is about relationships – not just about dollars or bit coins. It gives me deep joy when I see people process information positively, people changing their pessimistic tendencies and transforming into great, positive and progressive thinkers. The positive thoughts shape my enthusiasts to great achievers and persons of better habits.

I have seen people whom I interact with change 100%, improve in their behaviors, careers, wealth and gain laser-sharp focus. I had ignored the gift of transforming others but this is no more. Today, you only need to shake my hand and the rest will be absolutely positive stories to narrate.

My focus is to go out there to the world and talk to people, learn how they are living, investing, running their families and how they are thinking about the future. I have visited 15 cities in the UK and Scotland, over 15 states in the USA besides visiting Qatar, Dubai, 4 cities in Australia, 5 cities in Canada and 4 cities in South Africa. The continent of Africa is close to my heart, especially after my recent visit to Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. These latter trips, last month, widely opened my eyes on the need to positively impact our great Africans.

Meanwhile, I am already setting my eyes on my next engagement – in 2018, which is to visit all the 47 counties of the Republic of Kenya and hold meetings with professionals, philanthropists and key business people. These devolved strata of the Kenyan government are the very platforms from where the Kenya’s Vision 2030 success will spring forth.

The author of this article is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the CEO of Optiven  Group. Read more insights from George Wachiuri:

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