Every gear has been pulled as Optiven Limited stays true to its culture of keeping its promises especially to its customers. Machinery in its gigantic state and personnel from their expert fields all congregated at the premier project in Kiambu, Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace on 15th October 2020 to kickstart the upgrading of internal roads. The event could not have had a better guest to ground break the exercise, safe in the person of the Group Chief Executive, Mr. George Wachiuri.

Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace is one of the award winning projects under the Optiven portfolio and has been singled out as a city of the future. The project is home to a unique solar powered water fall that is in a class of its own. In a rare showcase of both aesthetics and architectural design, the project welcomes you to a whole new world with a classic gate that is as outstanding as can be.

An aerial view of the project shows a beautiful hue of the cabro paved ground that ushers customers into the over 100 acre project. Respectfully referred to as the jewel project, it is here that a magnanimous water tank sits pretty at the entrance of the project. The demarcated infrastructure is a sign of well organized living as each plot has well numbered beacons with the internal access roads clearly defined.

Speaking at the project, Wachiuri noted that the value additions on the project are well on course as promised to the customers. “Amani Ridge for us has been one of the projects that we have invested heavily to transform it into a future livable project.

The year 2020, has been a time for us to bring to life the value additions and together with our partners, we have seen a tremendous revolution on the ground, one that our customers have truly appreciated”. The project has in the year 2020 seen the installation of a water tank, solar security lighting, various perimeter walls, a solar powered fountain and greening of the project with trees, flowers and sign posts.

According to a survey done by Optiven Limited on its customers, majority of those interviewed were resilient that their decision to invest in Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace was purely on the expectations of a fulfilment of future value additions. Wachiuri adds, “the use of the phrase value addition means more to the team at Optiven Limited as we are way ahead in terms of our deliverables in this area.

Our value additions are next level.” True to this sentiment as the earth moving machinery arrived on ground on 15th October 2020, it was all systems go. For some of the customers, the roads were the main selling point that made them sign the dotted lines. So what is so special about the roads at Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace?

Angela Marindich, the Customer Service Liason Officer at the project says, “our roads are abnormal in size as they are wider than normal. for the purpose of giving comfort to our customers and beauty to their homes. Some 7.5 acres have been set aside for community relaxation and the project is dotted with fruit trees for the community.

Our perimeter wall is made of stone, and for the security of our customers it has been reinforced by razor wire to ensure maximum security.” The project which has a few quarter acres available for sale, has seen a high uptake of families looking to relocate to the suburbs.

The gated community has changed the landscape of Kiambu tremendously and with the assurance of ready title deeds, comfortable installment payments, AMANI RIDGE | The Place of Peace, is really a haven for you and your family.

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