investing with optiven is fun

Optiven Group just embarked on treating a batch of its customers to a fully paid trip to Mombasa via the SGR. The customers are all set to have an entire 4 days of absolute fun from Thursday 21, June all the way to Sunday 24 June. Evidently, this leading real estate knows far much too well that all work without a little bit of fun makes Jack a dull boy. The Mombasa holiday is well designed to help create an environment for fun as well as great networking, for these Optiven’s royal customers.

“We are not just about business, we also believe that life without fun is flat and dull. We love creating smiles on our royal customers’ faces. This holiday is only a tip of the iceberg with regards to appreciating our dear customers and letting them know that we deeply value them,” says Optiven Group’s CEO Mr. George Wachiuri.

This batch of customers was part of an offer that involved buying one of Optiven’s many properties at a set value. This is the second cluster of customers to be given an amazing Mombasa holiday by Optiven, the first one having enjoyed theirs only 5 months ago.