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The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step. In investment the journey may seldom start when it comes to a place where there are many doubts on the safety of your investment. In the real estate space, the norm has seen a majority of companies involved in marketing sales of land going through challenges in meeting client expectations.

The sad reality is that in many of the cases, investors have not only lost their hard earned money, but with it the trust to invest again in the sector as well as to take another step in that direction. This has been the story of investors especially those in the diaspora who have trusted companies and individuals alike to make investments on their behalf without any gainful feedback.

But there is a new tune in the hearing of those seeking to invest. Of any coin, there are three sides – the top, the bottom and the sides. In this case, there are companies that are still keen to invest in real estate in the right way while there are those doing the opposite – yet again there are those deliverying on the promise.

Over a period of two decades, the Optiven Group through it’s real estate subsidiary, has been doing just that. The company has kept its promise to customers who have trusted the company to invest on their behalf through facilitating visits to the projects by the customer or their representatives. In other cases, the customers have themselves organized to come to the ground to do a confirmation of the said real estate.

On it’s part Optiven Real Estate does not charge for the verification or confirmation when the customer visits. In addition, apart from acknowledging payments received, the Finance Division is at hand to ensure that the acknowledgement of payment is communicated to the customer. The Communication and Customer Service departments follow suit to advise that where there are any updates on the value additions as well as developments on the projects, these are communicated in time.

This is done as a matter of priority and in a seemless fashion to ensure that the customer is assured of the value that is synonymous with Optiven projects. The issuance of title deeds is one of the key highlights of the investment journey for any investor in real estate. In the case of Optiven, we take the extra initiative to ensure that no investor goes without their title deed. Once the process of transfer is finalized, the investor is notified that their document of ownership is ready and the title deed is then presented to them.

And this is the scenario that has been repeated over and over in different cities in the United Kingdom. One such customer is Emily who is a resident in the UK and who is also an investor with Optiven Limited. At the end of her investment journey, Emily was anxious to receive her title deed and could not wait to receive the life changing document. This was brought to her door step in the city of London when Optiven’s Senior Sales Manager, Josephine Karumba delivered the title deed and presented it to Emily.

In her own words, Emily said, ‘Thank you all so much for helping me to achieve this milestone! I really appreciate it.” It is the promise of what we do every day at Optiven to realise our reason for existence which is to economically and socially empower and transform the society through providing state of the art products and services.

Our associates internally and customers externally have raised the flag of Optiven Limited to ensure that they share our story and enlarge the space of persons receiving the joy of property ownership. It is this confidence that has enabled Optiven Limited to be bestowed with different awards in different areas including in areas of branding, customer service, operations and human resource among others.

Our promise is true.

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