As part of it’s promise to investors, Optiven this January 13th was on the ground to issue out title deeds to investors who has bought their properties at the Great Oasis Gardens. The event was held at the project in Nanyuki and was witness to the celebration of the key milestone.

Dr. George Wachiuri, Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer was on the ground to present the title deeds in one of the most anticipated events of the year 2024. He noted that Optiven is keen to continue keeping it’s promises to it’s customers as part of the company’s value proposition of honesty.

Dr. Wachiuri said, “Optiven has been keeping it’s promise on title deed issuance to our customers because we understand that in a sector such as real estate, this is the highlight of any investor. On behalf of the Optiven family, we congratulate our investors who trusted Optiven and invested at The Great Oasis Gardens in Nanyuki”. This is not the first time that Optiven has presented investors with their title deeds at the Nanyuki based project.

In March 2023, the Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. George Wachiuri was the key guest at the issuance of title deeds to investors at the Great Oasis Gardens in Nanyuki. The event dubbed #PataTitleNaOptiven, was held on 11th March 2023 and attended by investors at the project, supporters of the Optiven Group and members of the local community.

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