If you are looking to settle your family in a quiet, peaceful, accessible and developed community set up, then Garden of Joy, by Optiven is for you! This is an all-inclusive community development situated near Koma town, and only 1.3Km from the tarmac. Garden of Joy comes with water on site, murram roads, electricity, caretaker, security and much more value.

As a green project, it has recycling technology for water and waste, with trees already growing. This is in addition to already installed solar-powered street lights and the ongoing installation of a 20,000 litre water tower on the project. All these make Garden of Joy a fully green project, just perfect for your dream home.

With as little as 400K deposit, get yourself an 1/8th of an acre in the heart of Machakos. What’s more? You can pay Cash and enjoy a great discount for the incredible price of 1.495M. Installment options for a 12 month period are available for your ease of payment.

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