Happy new year and welcome to 2024. The year is a new dawn for Optiven Limited as the organisation set out and launched a new campaign “Janjaruka na Optiven“. The objective is to improve on the brand image and strengthen market presence offering special discount that give a sense of appreciation to our loyal clients.

Chief Executive George Wachiuri during the launch took to appreciate those who trust our vision and the new campaign offers more Kenyans make their homeownership dream a reality. The campaign states, “for every 400,000 that is invested in any of our projects, you get 4,000 cash back.” This is strategic to ease the parents pressure as children go back to school activities.

Optiven is celebrating its quarter century this 2024 and it isn’t just a moment to look back at past achievements but also a platform to launch ambitions for the future. We have specialized in gated communities across the country from Malindi, Nanyuki, Konza, Gatanga rd and many more with the vision of social economic transformation.

Janjaruka na Optiven is a great opportunity to possess property at affordable discounted prices. The campaign runs for the whole month of January and you are advised to take advantage.

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