Should I buy land or buy a house? At Optiven Limited, this is one question we hear more often than not. For a company that has been in the real estate sector for 20 years this comes as no surprise.

When our first clients built their homes at our projects, they still loved the houses they were living in. Chatting with majority of them as we celebrated the completion of their houses at Optiven projects, it is evident they did sweat quite some to put in place their rented spaces – everything from landscaping and new flooring to swapping out every single piece of trim and all of the doors.

For some it was inevitable that a new space was mandatory considering that they were planning to start a family, thus the need to move into a larger home. A large percentage has been those who plan ahead knowing that the earlier one invests in land, the more they save.

George Wachiuri CEO of Optiven Group, while speaking at AMANI RIDGE | The Place of Peace, this June, said, ‘we are on the move in terms of upscaling our value additions in line with our promise to our customers. This once completed will see a price adjustment often upwards’. His sentiments come against a backdrop of massive value additions at the award winning project in Kiambu as well as at Garden of Joy and Victory Gardens

Having been in the business for over 20 years, the company awarded for innovation and digitisation continues to create a difference by exploring top options in real estate.

To our customers who didn’t like the bigger houses they saw, we have welcomed over 20,000 customers to Optiven to our current projects. Together we did mull over the idea of buying land to build a house on and our customers settled on the land option:

First, to be comfortable in their own home, and as one customer said during the housewarming ceremony, ‘hapa ni nyumbani for real! We’re in no hurry to move.’  Second, the challenge of finding a home that fits your needs is real. At a comfortable payment pace, our customers are well on their way to building homes of their dreams. After all, dreams actually come true.

And while analysing comparative finances vis-a-vis investment, other customers crunched the numbers, and buying land made perfect financial sense. In the case of Optiven Limited, they could pay off their investment for upto two years. Optiven’s Chief Finance Officer, Geoffrey Muturi noted that,

‘Optiven has a special model to enable customers pay at a comfy pace. Once completed, the customer is free to start construction. This is part of our vision to be financially Inclusive across the board, a move that earned us the Financial Inclusion Award for Real Estate.’

Well there are enough reasons to invest in land today and tomorrow kickstart your dreams to home ownership.

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