Here is a picture-perfect situation: A leading Kenyan real estate firm knocks at your door in the United States of America, specifically to hand over to you the title deed of a piece of land that you recently bought with them in your mother country.

Well, that is exactly what will happen in the next couple of weeks when Kenya’s leading property firm, Optiven Limited will be ringing the door bells of Kenyans in diaspora, with title deeds and land ownership documents at hand. Led by the company’s CEO Mr. George Wachiuri, the Optiven team is scheduled to visit a number of states in the USA between June 7th and July 7th. The company has planned huge events in Boston, New Jersey, Washington DC, Dallas, Maryland, North Carolinaand Virginia.

The CEO says; “Optiven Limited is very passionate about empowering and inspiring Kenyans in Diaspora. We have visited there a couple of times and given these Kenyans an opportunity to own property at the convenience of their current residences. This time round, we are going to visit a number of states to specifically tell these customers “Thank You  for choosing to invest through Optiven, and one major thing that we are going to do there is to deliver title deeds to them” These are the people who have really committed their resources by paying for properties and it is only fair for us to go back there and tell them thank you so much for choosing to invest through our real estate firm.”

The CEO says that Optiven is driven by a desire to make sure that Kenyans in Diaspora are accorded an easy opportunity to get their title deeds hustle free. “We want to honour our customers and show them how we truly value them. We want them to know that we are always ready to work and walk with them,” he says.

According to the CEO, this trip is meant to make the firm’s customers feel valued. “We want them to feel treasured; that they are truly appreciated by Optiven. We have a whole team that is heading there just to deliver the title deeds. We want other people out there to know that there are genuine property companies in Kenya; thatwe are a company that is able to deliver. And this further consolidates our true sense; that Optiven actually sells convenience,” says Mr Wachiuri.

He notes that this leading real estate firm in Kenya is delivering these title deeds to make life easier for thousands of Kenyans who are in the USA. “They have not been in their home land for a long time and we are making life easier for them. That is why we are personally delivering these documents of ownership to their door-steps,” he says.

We are also doing this because many of these Diasporians have in some instances run into dubious transactions. Optiven is a real partner that is able to deliver without any hitches,” he notes.

And apart from delivering title deeds, there are also many customers who are still paying for properties and Optiven shall also be giving documents of ownership and transfer. “This means that at their convenience in the USA, they are able to sign the documentations of ownership and we are so excited because many of them will be able to own these properties hustle free,” says Mr Wachiuri.

One of the key events in the USA will be at Maryland where Optiven is co-sponsoring a Gala Dinner for Friends of Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM). “Accompanying us here is Equity Bank, which will come in handy for those who wish to open an account with this leading African bank,” says the CEO.

Besides all these, Optiven Limited has scheduled a number of talks during this USA visit. These talks will be centered on how Diasporians can build themselves and how to win in the world of many choices.

During this trip, the Optiven team will be bringing with them an unbeatable offer for one of the company’s flagship project known as Victory Gardens Phase 3. This is a super value added, gated community project that is only 16.2 miles from Kenya’s premier airport and only 2 miles from the Namanga Highway. “This well fenced project comes with a classic gate, very well done internal roads that have solar-powered street lights.

The project has a classic artificial river on site plus a wonderful Meditation Park, a Police Post provision, a Security Center, a Barbeque Corner, a Peace Park and a Happy Corner. What’s more; we are also in the process of planting over 3000 trees for greening. Even importantly, we provide free housing plans as well as free building estimates. So, if you are looking for somewhere strategic to build up your home, Victory Gardens Phase 3 is the place to be,” avers the CEO.

The property firm has an early bird offer where one will only need to commit 290 US Dollars and then given 30 days to start paying installments of up to 3 years with just a minimal interest of 1% per month. Phase 1 and 2 of Victory Gardens are already sold out.

Mr Wachiuri has a classic commendation for the Kenyans in Diaspora: “Kenyans in Diaspora are extremely intelligent; number two they are very hard working; number three these people yearn to invest back home and that is why we are here to help them own a piece of property back in Kenya.”

No wonder he is this immensely charged in encouraging them to keep investing back home. “They should not procrastinate because this is the thief of good investing. I also urge them to have a big vision, to invest now with an eye for huge returns for investment in the near future,” he points out.

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