So the world cake day was celebrated in many parts of the United States on May 7th. The day may not have had a lot of significance in Kenya but it is one of those days that mean something special to the Optiven Family. One of the reasons this is so, is because, at Optiven Group, the mantra is for each one to make an effort in ensuring that the wider organization has space to employ one more person. This is in essence advised by the corporate call and vision to provide 30,000 jobs in the market place by the year 2030. The reality of this dream is already on course with the number of employees under the Optiven Group growing every year.

It is interesting to note that the world cake day is celebrated just a week short of the internationally recognized Labor Day. This year the team at Optiven Limited took time to stamp their place yet again in the arena of the real estate world, advising why it is the go to company when it comes to matters real estate. The reasons are many and the awards and testimonies for the same, publicly available to prove that Optiven Limited is a worthy partner in the journey of investment.

Ahead of the Labour Day celebrations, the team at Optiven Limited in charge of conversion took off some time from the busy schedules to share what value they can add to the lives of our customers. Listening to the messages it was clear that each one was happy to be a part of the Optiven Family and while at it, are all keen to ensure that for each investment made, there is a happy customer on the other side. The messages were both from the team serving locally and the associates serving in the diaspora space.

All in all, the company continues in it’s stride to bake a bigger cake albeit with regard to providing extra opportunities to those seeking to join the Optiven Group family. This, being the very passionate stand of the Team Leader, Mr. George Wachiuri, has seen the company host the first cohort of mentees at the head office. The purpose of the cohorts coming on board, is to provide them with a lifetime opportunity to experience the rubber on the road in terms of what it is that the corporate world is all about.

The mentees are expected to learn as much as possible while at the office and their engagement with the staff ensures that they know what to expect once they are called upon to work in the corporate world. The current cohort whose term as mentees comes to an end at the end of June 2019, includes an array of university students including those in universities in South Africa and Uganda, who are pursuing different courses or are in the process of finalizing their studies.
The requests for mentorship continues to grow and with this challenge the need for a call for other stakeholders to engage the students and provide them experiential opportunities.

Following this scenario, Wachiuri has in the last quarter of the year used the opportunity to call on corporates in both the private and public sector to embrace the Optiven Model and open up their offices for mentees. Speaking on 17th May 2019 at a roundtable with the President at State House Nairobi, Wachiuri noted that: “Optiven is committed to enhancing sustainable livelihood through creating jobs opportunities for the youthful Kenyan populace.

He highlighted Optiven Group’s hugely successful Graduates Mentorship Program that was launched in 2019 and that seeks to empower 50 graduates every year as a model that should be emulated by other corporates as the country seeks to reduce the number of her unemployed youths. “As Optiven Group, our model is already working well as we continue to transform our society and perhaps that is why we were recently singled out by London Stock Exchange as one of the companies that will inspire Africa in 2019,” he said. Already the engagement has seen a number of the mentees being absorbed in top corporate organizations, an encouraging fete that will further inspire both the outgoing and incoming cohorts.