Meru was the latest town to invite the Optiven army at the Meru Slopes Hotel to share the diverse portfolio of projects with the residents. The Business Dinner scheduled on 6th October was a coming together by Optiven to socially and economically empower the business people of Meru. The stage was set and by 5:30pm the invited guests started making their way to “Kifaru Hall” where the transformation was to take place.

One thing is we underestimated the guests as by 7:00pm they were still making way and had already surpassed our 120 target by over 100. Peter Gitonga, Regional Manager for the Mt Kenya region was overwhelmed and took time to thank the residents and explained the importance of real estate investments.

Real estate plays an important role in providing housing and jobs in Kenya and Optiven is committed to positive transformation through development of gated communities. The Great Oasis Gardens is a prime example and the opportunities that lie on the project are endless.”

The Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven is located in Nanyuki, Laikipia county and offers commercial and residential properties. The project sits 20 minutes from our main offices at Ubii Plaza with a wide range of social amenities available.

The project is directly opposite the Mt Kenya Wildlife Estate along the Nanyuki – Rumuruti road earmarked for tarmacking with the county government of Laikipia shifting office from Nanyuki to Rumuruti soon.

After powerful presentations from the Optiven team, a total of over 30 guests booked site visits to the Great Oasis Gardens in Nanyuki the following day to have a feel and view the project. The Great Oasis Gardens already has water on site, a caretaker, internal murram roads and a fence all round. George Wachiuri, CEO Optiven Limited has stated the project is expected to attract new residents and tourists to Nanyuki which could lead to high returns on investment for investors.

At the end of the night the dinner was successful and Optiven says a big thank you to Meru for the warm welcome.

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