Optiven FC were on the road once again to put their skills to the test and AAR FC were the worthy opponents. “One challenge conquered, a greater one awaited,” as this was the second competitive match held at Don Bosco Boys Grounds after a deserving win on their debut. According to coordinator Daniel Kariuki, the frequent matches provide valuable experience in a competitive environment and allow the players to develop communication and build a sense of team identity and camaraderie.  https://www.optiven.co.ke/newsblogs/optiven-fc-win-first-match/

At exactly 1:05PM EAT, the match started at a smooth pace on the neatly managed turf. Chances were evenly matched before AAR FC took the lead with a perfect play that exposed our offside trap. The game continued with the same pace before they scored a second mounting pressure on Optiven FC. Simpson Akoo was the man who halved the deficit with a great solo run that saw the halftime score at 2-1.

The common challenges on the ground were clear communication and man marking which left gaps, but injuries added to our dilemma as key personalities including Joseph Mathenge, Jeremiah Lechipai, Denis Muturi among others missing really dented the squad. “We played some good football in patches and created decent chances. Remember that goal we scored? That’s the kind of football we play – fast, attacking and clinical,” Evans Maingi encouraged the team at the half.

The second half started and before long it was 3-1. On top of our clear chances missed with several one on ones with the keeper, there were controversial referee decisions that saw AAR FC foul our attacker inside the box with two clear handballs still inside the box that left us unfortunate with no Video Assistant Referee to verify. The decisions took a toll on the players confidence, which is still a learning process and soon it was 4-1.

At the end of the day, we understood you win some and lose others and that we must accept both victory and defeat with grace and keep learning. Onwards we go, One team, One goal.

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