Shamba Mkononi App by Optiven sees increased interest and use as it meets customer needs in real estate.

Kenya has in the month of July seen an upsurge in the use of mobile apps. The utility of the applications has risen to 29% for the period ending 2021. The comparison was made between the first quarter of 2020 soon after the entry of the Covid-19 pandemic, to the same period this year.

This has been attributed to the growth in the fintech space in the country and the introduction of superior applications in the near future. Another contributing factor in the rise of the super apps is the convenience of procuring services amidst the Covid-19 menace.

Speaking to Cathrine Khasoa of Optiven Group on the sidelines of the report presentation, Head Of Communications & Public Affairs, Africa · Google Ms. Dorothy Ooko noted that the report was a result of findings of 6,000 applications.

The research was conducted by Google and AppsFlyer, the former being a mobile marketing apps analytics firm. The results of the findings also indicated that Kenya is the third highest country to see app installs following in the footsteps of Nigeria and South Africa respectively.

Commenting on the development, Optiven CEO George Wachiuri, commended the development noting that, “the future is not only technologically advanced but it will definitely favour companies that have adapted automation. We are happy to have been the forerunners in matters applications having launched the Shamba Mkononi App by Optiven”.

A peak at the specifications of the Shamba Mkononi app launched on November 1st 2019, a user is able to simply purchase land at the comfort of their homes and at the touch of a button. Already the App has been a game changer having been the very first app for the real estate sector in Kenya.

And more and more Kenyans continue to be empowered using the Shamba Mkononi App by Optiven. Among the features available on the app include project updates, coordinates for the properties, hot deals available and much more.

According the Google and AppsFlyer research, financial and gaming apps were the most downloaded. However non gaming apps were installed at a rate of 40%. The outcome of these downloads positively affected the bottomline which is profits from the e-commerce platform. In-App purchasing revenue in Kenya surged by 74% between the first quarter of 2020 and quarter 1 of 2021.

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The writer is Cathrine Khasoa, is the Lead for Corporate Affairs at Optiven Group