The cost of failing is far less than the cost of never trying” – Seth Godin

Greetings Investors and a Happy New Month to you! With only two months left to the end of the year, if you look back to 2022, how far did you get to accomplishing your investment goals?

Well, it’s not yet over. We still got about 60 Days left in the year, Do you know if you start today, by making as little as 1% daily improvements to your plan, you will be 60% done by the time we’re crossing over to 2023.

Here are some ways YOU- a Diaspora investor- can use raw land. From practical applications to easy conversions and profit centers. we hope is that this will inspire and encourage you about the various uses and flexibility of bare land.

  1. A Custom Home – The subdivision on most vacant land generally allows for a house to be built. This is a great opportunity for buyers to customize their own space, or sell their latest creation as a high-end custom home.
  2. Warehouse, Silos or GoDowns – This is an amazing passive business idea because you won’t have to do much to the land to get it ready. It would take some capital to setup, but because of the proximity to a town or industrial city it can serve many vendors and wholesalers.
  3. Camping – This is a great idea that doesn’t require any work. There’s hardly any development or maintenance costs and is easy to establish. If you’re looking to get some rental income, this option is much simpler than a hotel or motel.Find that perfect property to turn into a camping site!

Reach out and Talk to us, we’ll be more than happy to guide you on suitable locations, to get these and even more ideas you might have, rolling!  This month we’re empowering you with another fabulous opportunity to invest in land and still benefit. For EVERY KES 149,000 you make towards payment of a project or installment, we are giving you a KES 3000 CASHBACK! 

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