Optiven’s ultra-modern gated community, Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is now all set to benefit from a brand new 7KM long road that has just been upgraded to bitumen standard by the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA).

This new road, which is located in Kiambu County starts at junction of Kamiti Corner (Ruturu) through Kamiti Anmer and terminates at Farran, is set to make access and transportation Amani Ridge and all adjacent areas both easy and enjoyable.

“Road infrastructure is the essential network upon which almost all other infrastructural advancement depend. Bitumen road networks, like the one that now zooms on 900 meters past Amani Ridge the Place of Peace, is the very path of our social-economic progression,” says George Wachiuri, Optiven CEO.

Wachiuri noted that infrastructure is the most significant asset that directly influences quality of life of any area and appreciates the great work that has been done by the Government of Kenya courtesy of KeRRA.

The new road now has a carriageway of 6.0 meter wide with shoulders of 0.5 meters wide on each side, making it ideal and extremely motorable for its users.

For all those who have managed to secure their property at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace, this new development means; much easier transportation of building materials, quicker access into the new gated community and certainly, higher value of their property.

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