Get healthy, lose weight, spend less money, save more money, invest, be happy, build a house – no matter what your New Year’s resolution is, it can be difficult to keep. But it’s not impossible.If you set attainable goals, you can actually envision yourself achieving, then you’re off to a good start. Part of the secret is to maintain and remember the intention, to go back and revisit it in a month or two.

The process begins with goal setting, but often people will set unrealistic or too many goals. Think about what your true intentions are and not only things you want to achieve in the New Year, but also how you want to be.For example, you may have a goal to make more money this year, but you may also want to be kinder to people around you. These goals should be written down and visualized.It’s one thing to say it and it’s another thing to actually visualize it in action. If you can imagine what it would be like to make more money – if you can visualize it – then you’re closer to achieving it.

You should think about your goal each day and take action immediately, even if it’s something small. If resolutions are just in your mind then you’ll forget about them amidst daily stressors and distractions.It’s also important to celebrate everything that gets you closer to your goal. If your goal is to be healthier then anything that puts you closer to that goal – taking a walk, eating an apple, getting better sleep – should be seen as an accomplishment in itself.

You don’t get the perfect outcome simply by intending it. You work toward it and you need to congratulate yourself.If you mess up, remember that it’s okay and just get back on track. Don’t beat yourself up about it.We have high intentions and the life gets in the way, so we just go back to them.

You may just find that your goal has morphed. For example, maybe you started with the goal of being kinder to people around you but after a few months you realize that the goal should be to bring more value to them.

Your goals should be able to realistically fit into your life and your plan should take any limitations into consideration.You have to find something that’s going to work within your lifestyle. I usually recommend that people look at what they’re struggling with and come up with some ways to overcome those obstacles.Bottom of FormFor example, eating eggs each morning might help someone lose weight, but that isn’t going to be helpful if they don’t have time to cook in the mornings because they’re busy rushing to get to work early. Instead, they can find other ways to make it work like by prepping a breakfast during the week on the weekend or by making something quicker like smoothies.

Another part of setting realistic goals is practicing moderation. So, what are your 2017 resolutions? Write to us by commenting below.

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