On the first day of May, workers the world over would be congregating to celebrate milestones after milestones of their vocations. But today we remember all workers on Labor Day amidst evident economic upheaval. Nothing in the history of the last five decades has been more severe perhaps compared to the global financial crisis of 2008.

The coronavirus pandemic is a different kind of shock. Few if any of business owners can relate with the current happenings, with modern economies shutting down at the drop of a hat. From one week to the next, many workers have lost their jobs and paychecks.

Worst hit are restaurants, hotels, and airlines as well as churches, mosques and yes, offices – all emptied. Suffice to say, workers and businesses now face steep losses on income—and potentially widespread job losses or reduced pay.

At Optiven, we are responding to a fast-moving and extraordinary situation. Chief Executive at Optiven Group, Mr George Wachiuri says; The crisis has presented an opportunity to innovate and think out of the box. For us, the focus even in the eye of the crisis has been to meet customer expectations, where they are

That is not to say that the Real Estate Company is operating without observation of the government directives on managing Covid-19. A quick peak at the projects shows that the crucial staff are keeping distance but providing real time updates on the project development.

Optiven, through its Projects Office had pre-lockdown engaged on various upgrades on the different projects. At the premier Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace, a state of the art gate stands magnificently amidst the ongoing works on the perimeter stonewall.

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Across to Koma which hosts Garden if Joy, the gate is almost complete and property owners at the project are preparing to settle, with some building already coming up. Read more here: https://www.optiven.co.ke/properties/garden-of-joy-machakos/ These are just a few of the developments on the ground.

But on this Labor Day, the question on the minds of businesses is how they should prepare for this and the aftermath of Covid-19 where staff are concerned.

For Optiven, it has been a time to encourage staff to give their best even as they work from home. Through the use of the Optiven Shamba Mkononi app, customers have been able to get updates from the comfort of their homes. The award winning app, has also enabled staff to interact with customers some of whom have been rewarded for referring new customers to Optiven.

You can easily download, register and earn through: https://shrts.net/a6ixO

Wachiuri says; “The use of the app has surged during the lockdown and we have been able pay users whose referrals have invested in our projects.” Through technology, Optiven staff have continued to receive corporate updates and training to ensure continuity. For some, this has been a great motivator for their focus while at home.

The staff are now able to utilize a number of skills and technology even while not in the office. Through the use of social media, Optiven has continued to provide key information to the public. Ranked as the top digital company in Kenya, Optiven has had a fair share of the public attention on social media, lending to the ideal if advantageously engaging its staff.

Thus far Optiven has remained unrivaled in its sector at least during the lockdown and is expecting to spur higher when normalcy resumes. “The magic key is to live out the vision and mission,” said Wachiuri, “and this the team does virtually be they in or out of the office“.

His sentiment echoes the company’s decision to introduce flexi-time benefits for all staff in the year 2020. This was to enable staff to gain a balance between work and family, a benefit that followed the granting of top employer award 2019/2020 in Africa last year in Mauritius.

All in all, it is how a company treats its staff that determines how the staff will treat its customers. For Optiven, customer service engagement is a reflection that both parties are mutually happy. Happy Labor Day.

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