Kilifi town, is located in the stunning Kenyan coast waiting to be discovered by investors offering extensive opportunities. The tourism and hospitality investments are the backbone of the town but apart from the pristine beaches, historical sites and world class hospitality experiences, a wealth of opportunities is still waiting to be explored.

The Kilifi county integrated plan 2024-2027 supported by the government incentives makes this market even more inviting.  With an estimated population of 1.5 million by 2027 according to the article, agricultural activity still remains an important venture. The diverse climate and fertile lands already present a great opportunity for horticulture, aquaculture and floriculture.

Investors can explore opportunities in pineapple farming, coconut production and with the county’s proximity to the port of Mombasa, Kilifi makes an ideal location for agribusiness investments, creating employment opportunities and boosting local income.

The Kenya Bankers Association reports that Kilifi especially Vipingo and Mtwapa are among the areas with the most buying and investment activity in the entire country. Kilifi’s real estate industry which is more affordable and has more room for huge chunks of land than that of the neighboring Mombasa, makes a good return on investment.

The scenic beauty and tranquil environment are drawing even international buyers looking for holiday homes, retirement homes and rental investments.

Ocean View Ridge, Vipingo by Optiven is among the lucrative deals in real estate 4.5km (2.7miles) from the Indian Ocean, 28 minutes to Vipingo airstrip and master planned providing a comprehensive framework for planning and enhanced sustainability.

Already, the gold level project boasts of value additions including trees, internal murram roads, a grand entrance gate with Chief Executive Dr. Wachiuri stating that the project has been masterfully crafted to meet investors’ expectations with generous returns.

Investing in the project is not just about securing a plot, you are securing a place in a vibrant evolving community and when these amenities are completed, the lifestyle would be even more desirable”, he addressed.

As Kilifi’s population grows, so does the demand for quality healthcare and investing in hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical services can be highly rewarding. Establishing healthcare facilities not only meets a critical need but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

With the local government heavily investing in infrastructure to support economic growth by improving road networks, enhanced water and sanitation systems, and better electricity supply, Kilifi is more accessible and conducive for business.

Kilifi is a county brimming with potential. By exploiting its natural resources, fostering innovation, and investing in its people, Kilifi can unlock a future of value and sustainability.

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