In line with our dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable development, we are proud to commemorate the International Day of Forests 2024 with the theme “Forest and Innovation: New Solution for a Better World.” Indeed, we have been ingenious with our approaches aimed at contributing to reforestation efforts and creating awareness especially to the youths on the vital role forests play to our ecology.

At Optiven, we recognize the intrinsic value of trees and are committed to playing our part in their conservation and sustainable management. Through initiative as the “Go Green na Optiven” we strive to educate, distribute seedlings and promote responsible land use practices such as afforestation and reforestation.

We are committed to sustainable practices that preserve the natural environment,” said Dr. Wachiuri, Optiven CEO. “Planting these trees is not only a symbolic gesture but also an investment in the future, supporting biodiversity and climate resilience.”

As a real estate organization, we have integrated tree planting in all our silver, gold and platinum level projects restoring degraded landscapes and offsetting carbon emissions in our residences. The Optiven Foundation, our philanthropic arm, is following the footsteps through their Go Green na Optiven season 2 launched on Monday 18th March by Dr. Wachiuri.

Our dedication to tree planting extends beyond mere compliance with environmental regulations as it reflects genuine commitment to leaving a positive impact for future generations.  Moreover, we are keen to align our sustainability agenda with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15, putting emphasis on the importance of protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems.

Join the Optiven’s mission to go green today.

#PamojaTwanawiri 2024

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