When talks of appreciation make the internet a place of memes, and the lonely at heart wonder what hit them from the time the rain started beating them, there is a cluster of individuals whose focus on 14th of February 2020 was on just what to wear and how to arrive at Optiven.  This group of people, consisted of investors who had taken part in the 700 Kind of Love Campaign.

The campaign provided investors  – both current and potential – with an opportunity to buy new property or top up their investment for any of the variety of projects that Optiven Limited has on offer.  As a result of this investment, Optiven Limited promised the customers an unforgettable experience at a dinner like no other.

And this, the team at Optiven Limited did in style, leaving no detail unattended and with the partnership with GMC Funplace in Kitengela, the customers had the time of their life.

Shortly before the customers left the head office to attend the dinner, Chief Executive at Optiven Group, Mr. George Wachiuri was at hand to flag off the chauffer driven vehicles and wish the customers a great time during their dinner.  In a one of it’s kind arrangement, Optiven Limited

provided the customers with transport to the dinner venue, ensured that the package included  all the ingredients of a true Valentine’s Day and were at hand to see that each customer was comfortable.  Speaking at the venue of the dinner for the qualifying customers, Customer Service Manager at Optiven Group, Christine Kasaya underlined the importance of meeting customer expectations and at best surpassing them.

According to Kasaya, ‘we at Optiven Group have purposed to place the customer at the center of everything we do.  We do not just sell value to them, but we are also keen to keep any promise that we make.  This is because the experience that our customers have goes a long way in motivating the team to go out there and achieve even more.

She took the opportunity to thank each of the customers who made it for the event and promised that should they participate in future campaigns, they can rest assured that Optiven Limited, will provide an unforgettable experience.  Her sentiments were further echoed by Mr. George Wachiuri, CEO at Optiven Group who noted that from 2020 going forward in the new decade, Optiven will not be doing things ‘kawaida’.

He says, ‘among our focus areas which have been embraced by the associates include thinking outside the box and giving our customers an experience.  The experience is all round and not only at the point that they encounter our associates at the pavilions but from the phone calls, to the relations, to the communication and it is all round even on the ground.

Following the launch of the 700 Kind of Love Campaign on 31st January 2020, customers had the opportunity to invest in new properties including Victory Gardens in Kitengela where a deposit of 700,000 shillings will secure them a plot.

The other option was for any of the investors who had bought property with Optiven Limited to top up or redeem their payments to the tune of 700,000 shillings to qualify.   Without a limit to those who qualified, the investors were all smiles in appreciation of the extra mile taken by Optiven Limited to provide an out-of-the-box experience, especially for them.

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