Leading Real Estate company Optiven has been awarded for it’s GoGreen Initiative. The initiative under the Optiven Foundation environment pillar has been dubbed a game changer in the real estate sector. Already the initiative has seen institutions under KEPSA and stakeholders of industry taking on it’s model of sustainability by including environment sustainability into it’s Economic Social Governance ESG blueprints.

The Awards held in Nairobi on 31st March came as the company is looking to further sustainably manage it’s Projects with emphasis on value additions that embrace the circular economy. Speaking after the award, George Wachiuri, in his capacity as Chairman of the Optiven Foundation said “we are happy that as a company our GoGreen initiative has been singled out and awarded.

This is a great impetus for the team to continue advocating and working towards sustainability initiatives to make our world a better place than we found it. A special appreciation to the KPRA family and I dedicate this award to all those making a difference in the environmental and sustainability circles locally and abroad.”

At the same event, Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George Wachiuri was installed to the fellowship of the Kenya Professional Realtors Association. The bestowment now confers to Wachiuri the honor of fellowship of the KPRA as recognized from the year 2022. The bestowment is in recognition of Wachiuri’s dedication to the real estate industry.

In appreciating the honor, Wachiuri said, “I am most humbled by this one of kind recognition and reward by the Kenya Professional Realtors Association – KPRA. It has been for me a journey of passion and pain, but one filled with the desire to empower people to create wealth and live better for the future.

Wachiuri who is also the lead at the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship added, “As I receive this award, I call on players in the real estate space to never tire of improving their trade and building the trust of the masses in order for us to provide real real estate solutions that are transformative for our customers.”

He also called for those companies established within the industry to continue offering opportunities for learning and engagement for the youth in order for them to share experience opportunities. Speaking on the score card for Optiven, Wachiuri said, “As a company we are on course to continuously offer opportunities to youth to enable them to meet the threshholds for experience that the corporates are looking for as we continue on our path to be champions of social economic transformation.”

Apart from running a management trainee programme, Optiven Limited has also been offering mentorship opportunities for college students since the year 2019. Through the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship, Wachiuri spearheads a mentorship programme for enterpreneurs in the small an medium enterprise spaces via online coaching.