Leaders from all walks of life gathered today for the 7th edition of the Utumishi Bora Awards. The awards ceremony was held to honor the distinguished servant leaders who had worked around obstacles to provide direction and create a difference in society.

Addressing the guests at the Vincent Kimosop of the Kenya Christian Professional Forum kcpf congratulated the winners noting that leadership has evolved to be core in the operation of the world. The event who’s theme was stand to be counted happened on a backdrop of growing interest in leadership and how to make it happen in a fulfilling manner.

Mr Wachiuri was awarded for his role in mentorship of the youth through the Optiven Group Foundation as well as the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship. Wachiuri who was in Congo for a business engagement at the time of the bestowment expressed gratitude for the award adding that it is a great motivation to continue the journey to social and economic transformation.

Wachiuri is the brains behind the Optiven Group Foundation which has different initiatives aimed at making a difference in society. He is also at the helm of the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship while serving on different capacities including with the International Leadership University.

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