Unique 2022 Valentines Campaign!

Optiven was at it again and this time celebrating Valentines Day in an out-of-the-box way with the launch of the #MauaNiPloti campaign. As is custom at the leading real estate company, the focus remained on the customer who was to enjoy a cash back worth 12,000 shillings for every 390,000 shillings invested.

Christine Kasaya, Head of Customer Experience says, “the campaign is customer-centric and applies to both new and existing customers. ” The campaign which was launched on 1st February 2022 is open to investors who have properties from the vast Optiven Real Estate portfolio.

George Wachiuri, CEO at Optiven Group says, “Our focus is to ensure that our customers receive value for their investment even as they enjoy special days like Valentines. We are happy that there has been a great interest during this campaign with happy customers confirming that indeed it was a good way to celebrate. As a mentor I have the obligation to encourage investors across our projects to make decisions that will benefit them thus the need for us all to think futuristically

The #MauaNiPloti campaign provided investors with an opportunity to invest or redeem 390,000 shillings in any of the properties. With this investment, that is of any 390,000 shillings, a customer is guaranteed a cash back of 12,000 shillings. The campaign is part of innovative strategies to spur the public’s interest towards value propositions on offer by Optiven Real Estate. Optiven has in the current year launched transformative projects such as South Lake Villas in Naivasha and Malindi City Breeze at the coast.

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