The first half of 2023 has been nothing but impressive for Optiven and the diaspora market has greatly added to the positive transformation. This is the year we have won two awards in the United States in two months – Best Practices, Innovativeness and Impact to the Diaspora Community (6th May 2023) and the KEMEN Community Service Award (27th June 2023) at ceremonies attended by Optiven Chief Executive George Wachiuri. The support that the Kenyans in diaspora and United States in particular have shown us, we have set up a JP Morgan Chase Bank Account to cater for payments.

Initially clients used different applications to invest with us and with time we realized the same applications were not 100% supportive with us. With the fraudulent concerns in real estate, most of our clients opted to remit through personal numbers to our directors instead of sending directly to the organisation. This has since changed. In line with one of our core values customer obsession, the new bank account number has made it easier for our clients to own properties with us.

Now Optiven Customers can deposit to our account in the United States with a company registered under Optiven Inc. as Associate Director for Strategy and Operations Lawrence Kesesi states, “This new method is giving the clients an efficient system where you remit and do not need to follow up with us. It is an easier and seamless way for our investors to transact.” May 2023 we opened a new office in Kent, Washington to get close and serve our customers better readily empowering them to own title deeds.

Meanwhile, the Optiven Family was represented once again this July at the Gorgeous Ladies Conference. The representation was done by Eunice Mochiemo, Senior Sales Manager at Optiven in charge of USA. The event was held on 29/7/2023 in the Washington State City of Bellevue and was attended by a number of Kenyan ladies living and working in DC. It is the fourth time that the Optiven team is returning to the United States in 2023 after previous successful visits.

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