Optiven Limited, a leading Kenya’s real estate firm made its foray into Uganda May 2017, further strengthening its partnership with Kenyans living in Uganda. This saw a good number of Kenyans living in this East African country own properties in Kenya.

The company’s visit to Ugandain May 2017 was one of its kind, and was meant tofurther inspire and motivate the many Kenyans living in Kampala and other cities in this strategic Kenyan trading partner to venture into business, go up the ladder in their respective careers and encourage them to capture the many investment opportunities that are quickly mushrooming in Africa.

Optiven CEO delivered a speech title ‘How to Win in the World of Many Choices’ “The East African trade bloc is now a reality and we are now witnessing a situation where Kenyans can easily expand their wings and venture not only into the East African market but the entire Africa,” says Optiven Limited’s CEO Mr George Wachiuri.

The CEO noted that Optiven has been keen to live up to its key objective of offering affordable property investment options, not only within Kenya but way beyond the Kenyan borders.

Uganda, a country whose GDP stands at 27.5 billion USD (2015) is a key trading partner with Kenya. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the value of exports from Kenya to Uganda in 2015 stood at 68.6 billion, making Uganda the overall leading exports destination for Kenyan goods.