You probably know families who’ve relocated from the city. Reminds me of the one question Mr George Wachiuri CEO of Optiven Limited often asks, “those saying the project is far, far from where?”. A chime seems to ring especially under the beam of Covid 19 as some choose to leave the city.

Adapt or move out! Two of the somewhat feasible solutions those living in cities have at the moment, a situation perhaps amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. And yes moving to surburbia dome seems to be the most preferred solution. Incidentally, investors in real estate have conformed to that trend.

Once loyal Nairobi residents, are packing up and waving goodbye to the city in the sun which has in the last two decades become a jungle of concrete and a hub for traffic jams. Of the contaminated air, growing population and other factors, that is a story for another day!

The leafy sides of Kitengela just minutes shy from the city seem to be a viable option. A welcome message by Optiven for it’s Victory Gardens seems to open the door to those visiting Kitengela. Speaking to Marystella, a new customer at Victory Gardens Kitengela, she is keen to finish paying and begin construction by December 2020.

Her response is not surprising considering the project is ready to build. She says, “I saw the advertisement on TV and when I called the office I was surprised that it was operational. I didn’t want to loose my money so I drove to the project and had a great time with a resident. That’s how I begun my journey”.

Apollo on the other side was on his way to Kajiado. His drive fascinated him as he saw numerous projects coming up along the way. He drove into Optiven Construction for a look at what happens there. “I have always been fascinated by the architectural design of some beautiful apartments.

Upon inquiry, I realised that I can get building materials for my dream home in one place and I took it up immediately ” That was three years ago and he moved into his exquisite stand-alone mansion with ample parking and plenty of yard space.

“If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us is that now is the time to live a life that we love. And so we sold what we could, packed up the rest and made our way to the Kitengela where we fell in love with five years ago,” a resident of Victory Gardens Kitengela says proudly.

George Wachiuri says “Besides the fresh air, a common area for get togethers, a children’s park, demarcated roads, water and electricity on site is what you find when you invest at Optivens Victory Gardens Kitengela.” It is no wonder that Christine Wali of Optiven Limited notes that many investors are visiting the project. ‘

Wali notes, ” many are impressed by the greening of the project courtesy of Optiven. We have also removed the burden of insecurity by having the entire project fenced off with chain link and concrete poles, as well as having a caretaker on site 7 days a week”.

After run ins with landlords in the capital for half a decade, Consolata finally decided to move her family and settle at Garden of Joy. The project in Machakos continues to attract a number of visitors majority keen to settle here for good. “There is no pressure here, there is more time for family and that is the most important thing. My work as an agrovet has not changed.

The only thing that has changed is where I put my head when I sleep at night. If a client wants me to work, I will be there. If it’s about having a meeting, I am available on for the same” she explains. Her sentiments perhaps backing up the fact that the Optiven project is not far from Nairobi. With her house now on the finishes stage, it will be a welcome change for her family

Duke Shamalla shares similar sentiments of his move to invest in Rafiki Gardens. The Optiven project is also located in Machakos. Investors to this project have the benefit of interest free installment payment until October 2020. Optiven Ruai Manager, Peter Gitonga says, “we have seen great interest in Rafiki Gardens and the plots are some of the fastest moving properties in our portfolio”.

The project with limited value additions, is fairly priced at 695,000 shillings. It is suitable for ready to settle investors as it is located within easy reach of numerous amenities. Duke who was hosted on the project by Susan Mathu of Optiven says, “my lifestyle here is much more affordable compared to that of Nairobi. I don’t see myself moving back to Nairobi any time soon,”

And the trend continues as more people plan to relocate out of Nairobi Optiven Limited provides great investment opportunities strategically placed for your ease of access, with ready titles, value additions and excellent locations. If you are planning to move out of the city in two years’ time, then join the Optiven Family.

Well, if these are not enough reasons to invest in land, share your thoughts with us, or join the Optiven Family towards your dream of home ownership.

By Cathrine Khasoa
Cathrine serves as Lead for Public Relations and Media Liaison at Optiven Group.

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