Optiven Group has welcomed the first batch of its mentorship program beneficiaries, which will see them being taken through an intense apprenticeship that will last for 90 days. The young people, who have been drawn from top higher institutions of learning in Kenya and picked from 3, 000 applicants, will get a guaranteed mentorship opportunity that is tailor-made to make sure that they are molded not just to fit into their respective careers, but to be thinkers who can take this Country to the next level.

Other benefits of this program include the following:

  1. One-on-one connection with top Experts in Area of Learning:- Optiven offers the mentees, an opportunity to walk with experts in the industry, who will offer them a one-on-one exposure to all industrial demands of what they are being taught in school.
  2. Learning from the Best Culture:- Optiven has a great organization culture, which has contributed to catapulting this leading read estate to the very top. We sharpen the mentees by exposing them early to this busy working culture.
  3. Linkage between Higher Institutions of Learning and Industry:- Our Mentorship Program is an ideal linkage between institutions of higher learning and the industry. The program allows these graduates to connect with specific areas of their training, say: Human Resource, ICT, Accounts, Admin, Records, Sales and Marketing and Digital Media.
  4. A 360° Approach and continuous Learning:- This program offers mentees with a 360° approach their area of specialty, coming with a two-way communication system that allows the best feedback from both ends. It offers a solid three months of intense formation on how to be extra-ordinary in your area of specialization. The program not only involves hands-on tasks but also has well-tailored mentorship talks that further sharpen those who are undertaking it.

As Optiven Group, we are glad to roll out this initiative, which is part of our giving back to the society (check: www.optivenfoundation.org) and we encourage all businesses in Kenya to join the bandwagon in implementing this Optiven model and help in reducing unemployment and link up higher institutions of learning with our industries.

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