garden of joy title deeds

Investors with Optiven Limited’s premier project – Garden of Joy – gathered at the project in Koma on 25th May 2019. This was a title awarding ceremony that provided an opportunity for those who had cleared their payments to acquire the important document – thus cementing their ownership of the property. The event was the second to be held at the project saw 20 title deeds issued to the jubilant investors as well as representatives of investors mainly in the diaspora.

Mr. George Wachiuri, the Team Leader at Optiven Group was at hand to present the key document to the investors during which time he noted that “Optiven investors can rest assured that their investments are not only safe but value for money”.

Wachiuri’s sentiments come amidst rising skepticism among investors in the real estate sector with some crying foul that their hard earned investments had been flushed down the drain. The event provided the over 150 attendants an opportunity to engage with their property as well as make any clarifications with the team from Optiven Limited.

To add onto the fun was the coming together of neighbors and catching up on future plans including when to start building and what type of housing would be appropriate.  Wachiuri advised against the character by investors on making investments without making background checks. He said that a majority of investors are quick to invest in areas that are purportedly cheaper in terms of pricing only to pay more or loose everything altogether.

gardenofjoytitledeedsAbove: A happy investor is all smiles after he received his title deed at Garden of Joy on 25th May 2019

The cases of Kenyans loosing their investments in real estate have increased in the recent past with companies in the industry coming under the hammer with their properties being auctioned for lack of payment of loans to the banks.

According to Wachiuri, investing with Optiven Limited is value for money, a fact that he explained with practical details to the happy investors. The Optiven Group has in the last five years catalyzed it’s expertise in provision of transformed properties.

The move is aimed at ensuring that customers get value for their investments. Optiven Limited has provided customers with this value based additions as well as allowing them the comfort to make payments at their pace.

Christine Kasaya, the Customer Service Manager, while speaking on the sidelines of the event at Garden of Joy advised that, ‘Optiven customers are always welcome to interact with us at our offices and our projects as well.

We encourage our valued investors to not only visit the projects but the visit is absolutely free and the customer’s convenience’. It is this model that has seen the company not only win awards in the last ten years, but also see customers refer their loved ones to invest with them in the different projects.

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