Leading real estate company Optiven has added another award to it’s collection. At an award ceremony held in Nairobi, Optiven was singled out as the Most Admired Real Estate Company of the year 2021. Following the verdict at the Top Score Global awards 2021 Group Chief Executive George Wachiuri acknowledged the award saying, ” We thank God for this great recognition and shall continue in our commitment to serve with diligence. Thank you to all our customers, staff and partners. Together we are inspiring possibilities.“.

The award comes as the company recently rebranded, made an entry to Ibuka and has fasttracked it’s Environmental Sustainability footprint via the GoGreen Initiative. Wachiuri added that Optiven would continue to be customer centric and provide innovative products to meet their anticipated needs. He said, “our drive is to go where no one had gone and leave a legacy by being innovative, professional and futuristic in our approach”.

He also took the opportunity to thank the winners in other categories at the event. https://www.facebook.com/115508100151802/videos/4588107064547078/

Topscore Brands is a branch of Mizani Africa dedicated at promoting brands through ranking. It conducts quality research on top brands and their consumer satisfaction then issue awards on top scorers in various industries. This year, over 50 real estate companies were participating at the awards as the sector experiences growth in terms of players.

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