On the landscape enveloping the serenity of mountains and valleys is the picturesque project. Nestled in this unadulterated environment is the South Lake Villas project by Optiven. The infrastructure necessary for the project to be a top notch investment is already in place and literally at that.

South Lake Villas by Optiven is set to transform the lifestyles of investors bearing in mind that the project is located right on the tarmac on the resort dotted area of Naivasha. From the award winning Elsamere to the bespoke Kiangazi House and in between Sopa Lodges, The Naivasha Resort, Enashipai, Sawela Lodges and all these within driving proximity from the Optiven project.

For nature lovers, the project is just 7 minutes away from Lake Naivasha where the array of activities including fishing, bird watching, and a visit to Crescent Island are just some of the great outdoor activities you can partake of. According to Regional Manager for Nakuru City, Josephine Karumba, the project which is unique in terms of size and utility is one that is expected to sell out in no time.

According to Karumba, “South Lake Villas is a project that encompasses properties in the size of 100 by 100, a departure from the usual 50 by 100 plots. The idea is to enable investors to enjoy the luxury of space in the comfort of their homes.” The project already has infrastructure in place with access roads done all over the project. Investors can rest easy too because as the project stands this 2022, the title deeds are ready just awaiting transfers once the payment is done.

An overview of the project shows investors already working on their dream homes with a number of developments already completed and ready for occupation. Karumba adds, “the development of Nakuru from a County to a City status has further cemented Naivasha as a pristine destination where holiday lovers call home

There are a number of government industrial initiatives that are coming up in the area including the dry port which the Jubilee Government commissioned in late 2021. So far we have seen an influx of key companies in the area working on further expanding their establishments.”

Her sentiments perhaps a reflection of the different businesses in the area including flower farms, the geothermal plant at Olkaria and the all-famous hotels and resorts. But for those that love driving down to the World Rally Championship this year the fun gets a notch higher #VashaStyle where the venue is Kongoni in Naivasha from the 23rd to the 26th of June 2022.

And there is more to the Naivasha area where there is simply unending potential especially with the entry of Optiven Real Estate in the city. George Wachiuri, Chief Executive at Optiven Group says, “South Lake Villas by Optiven is set to change the way real estate is done in Naivasha. We are happy to walk with our customers on their journey to own their dream homes or their investments in Airbnb

The project will enable investors to build however they want meaning their dreams will come to life right here.” The project has a secure perimeter fence, a manned gate, a Sales Manager on site, water, electricity and demarcated quarter acre plots with titles.

As the sun sets along the hills that surround the horizon of South Lake Villas by Optiven, Naivasha now beckons like a blooming flower, to open up a bowl of precious stones, all of them ready for the taking by investors.

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