The global observation of the 2023 Breastfeeding Week was observed during the first week of August (1/8/2023 to 7/8/2023) and Kenya was no exception among the countries that celebrated this day. World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is a global campaign to raise awareness and galvanise action on themes related to breastfeeding. Every year the global campaign focuses on a particular theme-related theme.

The theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2023 is “Let’s make breastfeeding and work, work!” This year’s campaign focuses on promoting practices that can help support workplace-related breastfeeding in different countries. Optiven which has been at the forefront in provision of employment opportunities also celebrated the week by looking back on what milestones had been achieved through the engagement of women in it’s workforce.

Of interest have been women who have had an opportunity to have children while at the same time working at Optiven in different capacities. The Optiven Point, Optiven’s corporate magazine took time to sit with some of the staff to find out how their journey has been in line with the 2023 theme and here is the .

KARIMI Jane , Environment [Mum to 3 year old child]
I benefitted majorly from flexi working hours giving me enough time to rest during the pregnancy. The 90 days leave was also a welcome relief as well as insurance that took great care of me and the baby including, delivery and immunisation.

KEMUNTO Priscilla, Digital [Mum to 19 month old child]
I planned in advance to enjoy my baby’s arrival by taking my maternity leave together with my annual leave making it a whole 4 months, for which am grateful. On baby’s arrival the mother’s room at Optiven was a relief and the insurance by the company meant baby and I received both post and pre-natal care.”

KIMANI Annmary, Sales [Mum to 6 months old baby]
Am very grateful for the understanding Team Leader I work with as well as the insurance cover for both maternity and baby care. On returning to work I was supported to ensure I perform this is great.

KIMANI Carolyne, Sales [Mum to a 4 month old child]
Motherhood was the best experience based on the understanding received by Optiven and flexi times. I also had a number of colleagues checking on me which made me feel included. The best was the welfare support I received, thanks Optiven.

KING’E Faith, Sales [Expectant Mum]
Am looking forward to the new addition to my family because I have received great support from the Optiven family already. ”

MARINDICH Angela, Diaspora
I got my three years ago and it was a heart-warming experience. I received generous support and assurance that made the experience of being a mother worthwhile.

MUKONZO Repher, Digital
I had the easiest time especially from my Supervisor who was very accommodating before and after giving birth. The mother’s room at Optiven was a special blessing.

MUSAU Eddah, Sales [Mum to a four and a half ]
I got my second child at Optiven and I liked the support, care, team spirit I received from management. The best part was that the insurance covered everything! Am a proud mother working at Optiven.

MUTETI Melody, Sales [Mum to 3 month old child]
I can comfortably say am the newest Optiven Mum and I felt supported right from during the pregnancy from the Human Resource Department as well as my Supervisor. The fact that I enjoy flexi time, am able to cope with the season and bond with my baby in a beautiful work life balance at Optiven. Am enjoying working and mothering

MWAURA Anne, Sales [Mum to a child aged 1 and a half years]
Grateful for the Mother’s room a great inclusion for many Mom’s who handle their business in the ladies. The room is hygienic, private and very comfortable. The consideration for flexi time for the new Moms at Optiven helped me adjust well so a big thanks for the support from the management.

NJERI Hannah, Sales [Mum to 1 year old child]
This being my first child I was anxious about returning to work! It was pleasing to come back to the office to find an allocation of the Mother’s room meaning my baby could still enjoy their milk while I came back to work. I was really happy to use my insurance for immunisation easing the budget that comes with a baby quite some.

OKWIRRY Jacqueline, Sales [Mum to a 20 month old child]
I was anxious on returning to work and wondered would I perform? Optiven made it easy, I experienced no complication in using insurance pre and post pregnancy. Thank you Optiven.

OMOLLO Faith, Sales [Mum to child aged 1 year and 2 months old]
The flexi time afforded to me meant my baby was able to enjoy exclusive breastfeeding. The leadership was very considerate and I was able to bond with my baby. The facilities in the mother’s room at Optiven gave me peace of mind and comfort too, plus the counselling support from the Optiven Foundation – just amazing.

TUWEI Lilian , Sales [Mum to +1 year old child]
My journey being the first was actually smooth with the support of my colleagues and grateful for the maternity insurance cover too. My team members also took care of my clients and this gave me peace of mind. On returning to work, I loved the mothers room and ante natal care as well as clinic facilitation through insurance. Am happy.

WANGECHI Mercy , Telemarketing [Mum to a one month old baby]
I am a happy mom working with Optiven and currently just starting my maternity leave. I am enjoying the journey and looking forward to getting back to work. Thanks to Optiven.

Indeed as Optiven works to include women in it’s diversified workforce, the award winning company is also keen to ensure that their time at work is comfortable. This according the Optiven Group Manager for Human Resource and Talent Management, Mr. Martin Waweru, “if our staff are happy the result is a positive and vibrant workforce which brings on board results for work done and that is why we exist. We continue to offer a conducive work environment where our staff are able to relax while at the same time work in comfort.”

To all Mums, here’s to a happy world breastfeeding week and great times as we work for a better world and families.

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