In the heart of Kamakis, a young man has spent at least 7 hours on his phone, calling, texting, smsing and whatsapping.  There is a new breathe of life in him from the last time he was addicted to betting.  His family got so tired of him lazing about without anything to show for the skills he learnt at the TVET college he attended.  On a productive day he would be found at a betting kiosk with his eyes red sore from the expectation of a windfall from nothing but luck.

This Sunday is different for this young man.  His sister has topped up his phone with 250 shillings to ensure he has enough airtime, while his mother has ensured that he has had a good breakfast of uji, sweet potatoes, a ripe banana and a hot mug of tea.  It is like Christmas has come to this homestead because this son of this family has a new energy.  What is it?

Like many youth in the country, the desperation to get a job and make an income has become a dream that is not forthcoming.  With limited job opportunities, and worse, a lack of professionalism, experience and skill, means that many are locked out of jobs that are meant for them.

With a culture where a majority are encouraged to go to good schools then university in order to get blue collar jobs, it is no wonder that in between youth with capacity to use their brains to think are stuck at the point of looking for a job in the urban centers.  It is this quagmire of how to help the youth that was part of the reasoning for the uptake of the Optiven App.

According to Mr. George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive at Optiven Group, he says, ‘the Optiven App has capacity to turn around the lives of our youth and help the government efforts towards including this massive group in nation building.  This is because just at the touch of a button, a user can earn 20,000/- which is good money that a prudent user can use to change their lives and that of the community’.

His sentiments are backed by an inclusion in the app where for any user who refers customers to buy any project under the Optiven portfolio through the App gets a commission.  Speaking at the sidelines of the launch that was held at the Norfolk hotel, Wachiuri added that,

‘the use of technology to change lives is an idea whose time has come.  We are living in times where the majority of populations are dependent on their gadgets to make investments and find information.  Of this group, there is a large section that are using applications to make money and transform societies – all this at the click of a button’.

The Optiven App is part of the Optiven Group’s belief in the place of innovation towards growing corporates.  The company which has been awarded the Digital Company of the year award for the year 2018/2019, has also grown in leaps and bounds towards provision of employment opportunities through it’s Graduate Mentorship programme – launched in January 2019.

The programme works with graduates to give them exposure to the work world and avail to them the much needed experience and corporate culture know-how that will enable them enter the work world at an advantage.  Commenting on the programme, Wachiuri says this will be interlinked with the Optiven App and information on the greater works of which Optiven Group does through the Optiven Foundation will also be shared.

The Optiven App has already been downloaded 10,000 times with users happy with the service it offers.  With a myriad benefit , the app uses a small space on the phone, user friendly setup, is comprehensive in terms of information and provides real time feedback among others.  The app has different features that include my money, hot deals, my projects and my optiven.

It is expected that the app will revolutionize the real estate sector by providing users with an opportunity to view their projects in real time including information on coordinates, status of value additions and any other developments surrounding the investment.  With round the clock support the app will enable Kenyans, especially those in the diaspora, to interact with the company’s various projects spread across the country.

It is incorporated with Google Earth to allow diaspora customers to view their properties in real-time while allowing investors to monitor their transactions such as deposits made for acquiring property and monthly payments made to the company.

Speaking at the launch, the Chairlady of the Kenya North America Diaspora Alliance, Dr. Lucy Mackenzi said, “the availability of transparency using this app will ensure that investors many of whom are Kenyans in the diaspora will not loose their money through fraudulent dealings – and Optiven is leading the way in transforming lives through giving us this platform”.

And customers will now have an opportunity to make their investments using the platform and earn a fully paid koroga courtesy of Optiven.  Under a new campaign dubbed Tajirika na Optiven, the customers will use the Optiven App to buy their properties as well as get paid for any of their referrals that will also buy.

The reward for the fun filled koroga that will be held in the serene surburbs of Kitengela, is in addition to the cash rewards for converted referrals that begin from 20,000 shillings and upto 50,000 shillings depending on the property purchased.  So for those wondering what is happening, tajirika! Just download | refer | buy | and | earn with Optiven App.

How To Get The Optiven App

All you need is to download the Optiven App from Google Play and App Store.  Search properties under the many projects available in several counties and make a selection. Pick and place the property in your shopping basket or to the wishlist.  Register your details as you book a site visit (online).

The App gives you options on the day and dates that you are available for the visit. Enter the deposit and see the monthly payments. It also has an inbuilt calculator to make it easy for you to get the actual figures.  Once you pay, it will show you the statement, send you a receipt and it will remind you when the next installment is due.

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