Many years after they have settled down in foreign lands, countless Diaspora immigrants lose touch with their mother countries, and the many opportunities that are ripe and ready to be seized back at home. Worst still, there are not as many reliable channels to help bridge this existing information gap.

Against this background, Optiven Limited, a leading real estate firm in Kenya has been going out of its way to empower Kenyans in Diaspora, one country after the other.George Wachiuri, the captain at the helm of this firm’s cockpit, is a man on a mission – to inform and inspire this valuable citizenry.

“There are many Kenyans in Diaspora who have lived abroad for over 20 years. Some of these Kenyans may not have an up-to-date picture of how Kenya has greatly transformed since they left their mother country. Neither are they aware of the many amazing investment opportunities that are available. Optiven Limited takes pleasurein filling this information gap by giving them clear information that helps them make the right investment choices,” says Mr. Wachiuri.

With its illustrious 2 solid decades of success in business, Optiven Limited has been making inroads in empowering Kenyans in Diaspora with hugely successful engagements in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arabs Emirates (Dubai), South Africa, Botswana,Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi amongst other countries.

Mr. Wachiuri says that he is driven by a profound passion to inspire and encourage Kenyans in Diaspora to make wise investment decisions especially on property market back in Kenya. His, is a mission that goes beyond inspiring, it is also about giving a helping hand.

“We are passionate about helping Kenyans in diaspora to tap into our rich network that we have developed over time, which includes key Government institutions, financing facilities and other resource centers. We assist these Kenyans further by hooking them up with some of the best professionals in Kenya, including professionals at all the levels involved in acquiring and developing properties. This goes a long way in facilitating the Diaspora persons in taking the right route when it comes to investing their resources,” he notes.

This leading East African entrepreneur, published author, motivational speaker and philanthropist is a member of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) as well as Kenya Private Developers Association (KPDA), which further widens the scope of his rich network.

“I am extremely passionate about connecting people with the right points of help and every encounter that I have with Kenyans in Diaspora is always an opportunity for me to facilitate such priceless connections,” says the CEO.

Given, the value of Kenyans in Diaspora cannot be gainsaid, and Mr. Wachiuri and his firm, which is at the forefront of offering affordable value-added properties, is alive to this basic fact. “As an organization, we believe that every Kenyan, the Diaspora constituency notwithstanding, have a right to own property.

That is why Optiven makes it so easy for the Kenyans in Diaspora, by going to where Kenyans live in their respective foreign jurisdictions, to offer them a chance to own classic value added properties back in Kenya,” he notes.

According to the United Nations’ report ‘Trends in International Migrant Stock: The 2015 Revision’there were 244 millionmigrants in 2015 with thisfigure projected to zoom past the 2050 million mark in the year 2016, an all-time high, as people search for economic opportunity.

The report also places documented Kenyans in Diaspora at over 1 million persons.With the value ofdiaspora remittances shooting to Kshs177 billion, according to recent Central Bank statistics; Kenyans in Diaspora are indeed an integral part of the East African economic Power House’s growth.

Mr. Wachiuri notes that property market is experiencing an incredible boom in Kenya and that there is nothing like property bumble, as some may incorrectly envisage. “The reason why leading real estate firms in the world are also trying to gain a foot-hold in the Kenyan market is because they have correctly done their due diligence and concluded that there is a boom and not a bumble in the Kenya’s property market,” says Mr. Wachiuri.

Bottom-line, Mr Wachiuri – and by extension, Optiven Limited – have an immeasurable passion and drive to offer Kenyans in Diaspora an opportunity to share in the cake that is their mother country’s property market.

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