Optiven Real Estate is on course to address urban land challenges through provision of opportunities for Kenyans to own land. For over 24 years, Optiven has been at the forefront in offering tangible real estate solutions that benefit among others, the urban community.

Speaking from the United States George Wachiuri, Group Chief Executive Officer noted that the place of urban planning will greatly impact whether or not Kenya will meet it’s goal of housing the population. Wachiuri noted that apart from the challenges facing the industry key of which is fraudulent dealings and rampant scamming of investors, the real estate sector has great potential to make a difference in the provision of housing for the masses.

He noted that for Optiven, the company had focused on providing accessible and affordable which is what majority of Kenyans are looking for in order to secure their future. He said, “Optiven is deliberate on it’s strategy to settle Kenyans and we are on course to settle 300,000 Kenyans into their own homes by providing them with state of the art, affordable, accessible and aligned communities. Our target is providing investment opportunities in growing cities such as Nanyuki, Nakuru, Naro Moru and Ngong.”

He advised that by the year 2030 more than half of Kenyans will be living in urban centers as they take advantage of markets, towns, amenities, and access to key infrastructure among others. He called on the government to fast track through addressing issues of urban governance, planning, designing and the provision of key amenities for better urban living.

Optiven has done this by improving it’s transformation of projects by taking a new gear toe inculcate sustainability in it’s value additions. Through it’s GoGreen Initiative, Optiven has spearheaded the erection of solar street lights, incorporation of green parks, guidelines on sustainable living and engagement of UN SDGs on it’s projects.

Cathrine Khasoa, the Corporate Affairs Manager at Optiven says, “under the GoGreen Initiative by Optiven that was officially launched in 2020 in Machakos County, Optiven has been recognized and feted via a number of awards which have furthered the corporate impetus to upscale its sustainability agenda.

She added that through the Optiven Foundation, which is the steward for Environment, Optiven has been able to partner and participate with different stakeholders in planting of trees and conservation of forests to make the planet a better place.

This comes as the country hosted the Kenya National Urban Forum in Naivasha this month. The theme for the event was “strategic pathways to inclusive and sustainable urbanization in Kenya”. The stakeholders who attended the meeting deliberated on the status of the future urban dwellers alongside preparedness for the same.

The Kenya Population and Housing Census of 2019 found that 14.8 million Kenyans our of the 47 million live in urban areas. This same data indicates that 40% of urban dwellers live in slums and informal settlements.

For more information about the GoGreen Initiative, log on to www.optivengogreen.com