Real estate company Optiven honored at KEMEN Annual Award ceremony for their unwavering commitment to uplifting Kenyans within Kenya and abroad.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA – Optiven, a leading real estate company, has recently received the esteemed KEMEN Community Service Award, recognizing their outstanding efforts in supporting and empowering Kenyans both within Kenya and in the diaspora. The prestigious accolade was presented to Optiven during the Annual KEMEN Summit held in St. Louis, Missouri, where the company’s dedication to enhancing the lives of Kenyans was applauded.

As a front-runner advocate for the Kenyan diaspora, Optiven has consistently played a crucial role in supporting and empowering individuals through various initiatives. The company has proudly sponsored numerous events, including the Kenya Christian Fellowship of America (KCFA) Atlanta Majuu, Kenyans in the Park events in Maryland and St. Louis, as well as Chambers of Commerce events, among others.

These sponsorships not only foster cultural engagements but also provide mentorship opportunities for diaspora returnees. Mr. George Wachiuri, the visionary CEO of Optiven, has played an instrumental role in empowering the youth through his inspirational talks.

Upon receiving the KEMEN Community Service Award, Mr. Wachiuri expressed deep gratitude and stated, “At Optiven, our purpose goes beyond real estate. We are dedicated to uplifting the lives of Kenyans everywhere, whether they are residing in Kenya or in the diaspora. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact and empowering our fellow Kenyans to achieve their dreams.”

Optiven has truly revolutionized the real estate industry with its distinctive five-level approach, offering value-added properties (read more here: that exceed customer expectations throughout Kenya. Additionally, the company has taken proactive measures to build homes for diaspora clients who have purchased ready-to-build plots, providing hassle-free solutions and peace of mind.

Mr. Wachiuri further emphasized, “We are driven by a passion to uplift the lives of Kenyans, both within Kenya and in the diaspora. This award reaffirms our commitment to making a positive impact and empowering our fellow Kenyans to achieve their dreams. We are honored and humbled by this recognition, and it only fuels our determination to continue serving our communities with even greater zeal.”

The recognition of Optiven with the KEMEN Community Service Award showcases the company’s exceptional contributions in empowering Kenyans worldwide. Their unwavering dedication, innovative approaches, and commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities have made a profound impact in the real estate industry and beyond.

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