There is a great joy in giving and that is why the Optiven Group through it’s Real Estate arm – Optiven Limited has today launched a new campaign to reward its customers.  The campaign which targets current and potential investors with interests across all the projects that make up the Optiven Limited portfolio

will see customers getting home upgrades by receiving state of the art appliances. The campaign comes just a day after the closure of a similar reward campaign targeted at Optiven Limited customers in which 100 customers qualified for a free weeklong holiday in Mombasa under the #TujibambeMombasani campaign.

For any of the customers to qualify, it is easy!  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Optiven Limited properties portfolio, identify which project best meets your preference, make your payment of Ksh 500,000 for a period from today (5/12/2019) to the 22/12/2019 and you are guaranteed of your special gift courtesy of Optiven Limited.

The campaign dubbed ZawadikanaOptiven will also provide the winners with a great opportunity to acquire state of the art properties that are suitable for immediate settlement.  Speaking shortly after the launch of the campaign, George Wachiuri, the CEO at Optiven Group said, ‘our customers are always assured that we are not only thinking about how we can add value to their lives. 

This Christmas apart from offering them a free holiday to Mombasa, we are now offering an upgrade for their homes so that they can enjoy the same with their families.’  ZawadikanaOptiven is one of the exciting campaigns that will further enable those who are keen to close the year with their investment in real estate accomplished and complete.

Existing customers are encouraged highly to take advantage of this campaign to redeem their payments and close the year being full owners of the properties that they have invested in.  The decision to have the ZawadikanaOptiven campaign is backed by the Optiven Limited philosophy of placing family at the center of its operations.

Wachiuri says, ‘from the very location of our properties in all projects to the actual reward campaigns that we run, at Optiven we are always considerate of how our decision will affect those of our customers and add value to their lives.’  The roll out of the campaign marks the close of the annual campaigns for the company with expectations of even better campaigns come 2020.

The close of the ZawadikanaOptiven campaign will see winners receiving their gifts at the Optiven Group head office on the 23rd of December 2019 as a special ceremony organized especially for them.

The Optiven Real Estate arm has been in the business of rewarding its customers in a majority of the campaigns it runs.  The year begun with a wonderful campaign targeted at the customers who were given the great holiday in the Amboseli Game Reserve together with their loved ones.

A similar campaign was run to reward customers with mbuzis as they Easter Holidays were observed.  The two were followed by two holidays at the Coast courtesy of Optiven Limited.

Speaking on 2nd December 2019, just a day after returning from the #TujibambeMombasani trip, Christine Kasaya, Customer Service Manager at Optiven Limited said, ‘we are glad that our customers appreciated the gift of a holiday to celebrate their investment with us in the over 10 different projects that make up our portfolio. At Optiven, we exist because we are focused on meeting the needs of our customers through anticipating them, strategizing on how to meet them and finally implementing them for the benefit of our customer.  In every way, we are customer centric.

To win the different gifts this Christmas, customers have a variety of projects to choose from from the very wide variety that Optiven Limited has on offer.  The value added and transformed plots are available in Kitengela, Kiambu, Thika, Nyeri, Machakos and Koma among others.

With over 20 years experience in the real estate sector, Optiven Limited leads in providing ready to build plots in accessible areas and with authentic sizes as well as title deeds.

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