Optiven Real Estate was the lead sponsor of the Yen Golf Tournament this year. The event that was held at the Windsor Golf & Country Club attracted an array of professional golfers and amateurs keen on bettering their tee. The event was held on 10th December 2023 and was under the patronage of Wambui Muthiga, Optiven’s Regional Manager.

The sponsorship is part of the different engagements with stakeholders to ensure that as many golfers as possible are able to invest in real estate. Speaking ahead of the event, Cathrine Khasoa, Lead for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability said, “Optiven is a versatile brand and with the creative style of engagement it embraces, the opportunity provided an excellent platform for brand building within the golf fraternity.

We are happy to have been a part of previous sponsorships including at the Sigona in Limuru. After 24 years of service Optiven is intentional on broadening our client base and as such are working hand in hand with key golf clubs in the country to partner for mutual benefit”.

According to Khasoa, “Yen Golf works with amateurs in the sport, training them to become classic players and as a result this blends well with what Optiven does in terms of mentorship, empowerment and inspiring possibilities.” The Young Entrepreneurs Network Africa is a networking platform that connects young innovative entrepreneurs to impact Africa.

Through it’s programs, it connects young aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to the knowledge, resources and social capital they need to succeed including through sports like golf.

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