As a leading provider of value-added properties and affordable housing solutions, Optiven Limited, have officially launched the 3rd project in 2024 “Hekima Gardens phase 4” in Nyeri county. The new project launched today, 15th March reinforces our commitment to delivering quality and accessible property opportunities to a rapidly growing environment.

Regional manager Jackie Kibachia during the launch expressed Hekima Gardens phase 4 is diligently designed to offer a unique blend of affordability, sustainable environment and return on investment. “We prioritize locations with immense potential for growth, ensuring our projects serve as gateways to prosperity for our valued clients,” she said during the launch.

Investing with us, especially in a reputable development like Hekima Gardens, is a diversification strategy within your investment portfolio. With its proximity to Mt Kenya and Aberdare Ranges, and the fast growing Kiawara township. As an investor, you stand to benefit significant capital gain. We will handle grading of the internal roads and fencing with concrete and mesh.

Our 24 years in the business and our flexible payment options are particularly advantageous as we provide you an opportunity to partner with an experienced and reputable organization.  The county government of Nyeri has prioritized development of modern infrastructure including healthcare facilities, educational institutions and recreational spaces.

This commitment to improving quality of life has made Nyeri an appealing destination with agribusiness and eco-tourism related activities poised to yield promising returns. As the town continues to develop, property value in well schemed residential areas like Hekima Gardens phase 4 will thrive as our Chief Executive Officer Dr. George Wachiuri said,

At Optiven, we understand that owning a title deed is a cherished dream and it is our mission to ensure that this is a reality for Kenyans from all over.”

With Optiven Homes now in the picture, focused on building custom homes based on clients preferences, we welcome you to join the Hekima Gardens Family today.

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