The recent decision by the Anglican Church of Kenya specifically the ACK Diocese of Kajiado will definitely change the landscape of Kajiado Town. Despite being the metropolis of the larger Kajiado County, the town has lagged behind compared to the neighbors. The story of Kitengela’s rise cannot be spoken of in the same breath with Kajiado, while the towns such as Ngong and Kiserian continue to make strides in city development. The 1990’s were the tick off that made these towns to blossom apart from Kajiado which has not been at the same pace with the other.

It is during the 90’s renaisance that the absorption of investors in real estate begun placing their foot print in these towns. Fewer investors would then settle in these spaces fearing what many thought was a challenge of distance mainly to Nairobi. Little remains of those doubts in the following years upto the year 2010 where there has been tremendous activity and action in these towns.

And now it is the turn for Kajiado to step on the daise. Of interest is the fact that this county has been a key player in provision of fertile lands for many agro-enthusiasts to farm. From massive wheat farms, to sitings of humongous harvest machines, to the expanse of trials for maize that has now made areas in Kajiado famous for their produce and the list is endless! Opportunity continues to smile on Kajiado. With the recent move by the ACK Diocese of Kajiado to invest in a housing project near the town, it is well in order for Bishop Gaddiel Lenini who is spearheading the effort.

The new project to be hosted in Kajiado Town will tap into the housing sector where the target market is focused on county government employees, workers in the surrounding industries and locals living within the metropolis. It is also a strategic move for the Anglican Church which has invested in various cofnerence facilities, guest houses and a shopping complex – the Tenebo House – that hosts among others the County Government offices alongside a number of non governmental organizations.

The new housing project will be managed by Charles Manyeki and will embrace the gated community model with the estimated date of completion being 2023.George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive at Optiven Group while commenting on the move said, “Kajiado is a basket of opportunities and an excellent place to settle. In fact the County Government in the county is keen to provide appropriate support for investors especially those keen to transform the lives of locals.” According to Wachiuri, there is need for such investments especially for stakeholders serving in the housing, real estate and construction spaces saying that : “for any town to grow there is need for people to be in that space and thus the need to provide land, engage investors and make appropriate investment decisions as land owners”.

Optiven Limited is a key investor in the county and has seen it’s investors working closely with the local community to provide employment opportunities, education scholarships and social transformation among others. Wachiuri added that Kajiado is well on it’s way to become a key player in providing Kenyans with much needed food based on it’s fertile lands and the support from the county on matters related to infrastructure, market access and human resource availability. He made the remarks a day after the Bishop of the ACK Diocese of Kajiado, Gaddiel Lenini officiated at the ground breaking ceremony in Kajiado town on 17th June 2019.

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