The investment opportunities for Kenyans in the diaspora are numerous, yet many are oblivious of these avenues where they can channel their funds for capital gain. Kenyans in the diaspora are often in need of information on key areas of investment that they can explore back home. It is with this in mind that Optiven visited Canada and the U.S to engage Kenyans that are keen on investing in Kenya.

Optiven real estate company visited Canada and met hundreds of Kenyans in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara, Mississauga and Ottawa. Optiven CEO, George Wachuiri, shared information and ideas on investment opportunities available in Kenya, beyond real estate. Mr. Wachuiri took the opportunity to expound on Kenya’s Vision 2030 as well as micro and macroeconomic issues that affect Kenya. The visit to the different cities entailed engaging discussions around the contributions that Kenyans living abroad can make to the Kenyan economy.

Optiven introduced its unique module of value addition on land as well the 0% down plan that allows one to own prime land without having to put a deposit down. Optiven got a warm reception, particularly for it’s charity work that is carried out through Optiven foundation. Among the programs that were well received was the “Soaring Eagles scholarship Programme”, which got a lot of support from all the cities visited. Kenyans in Canada were keen on partnering with the foundation to support orphaned and destitute children across Kenya.

Optiven CEO George Wachuiri further spoke about Optiven real estate’s commitment to giving 5% of its total revenue to social transformation. The funds are channelled into causes centered around environmental conservation such as “forsake your cake and plant a tree “, restoration of dignity among the elderly by building houses for forgotten senior citizens and supporting HIV positive children in Kenya.

Most Kenyans in Canada were keen on finding out more about Optiven real estate, as most have lost millions to fraudsters. The CEO reassured them that Optiven’s 18 years of experience in business and awards won, make Optiven the company to invest in. We thank all the Kenyans in Canada who signed up to invest in Optiven and we assure them that they will be laughing all the way to be bank as they watch their money grow.