The month of September 2023 will provide an opportunity for investors with Optiven to go home with an extra three thousand shillings. The cash back will be for any investments where the customers will redeem their investments with a one-off payment of three hundred thousand shillings.

The same campaign which was launched on 4th September 2023 will also benefit new customers investing in any of the projects within the Optiven portfolio. The campaign will run throughout the month of September 2023 under the title, “Ubingwa na Optiven.”

The Optiven port folio stretches across 10 different counties, with a variety of projects. Depending on the customer expectations, the different projects are priced appropriately to fit their levels – from Platinum to Sapphire. The level allocation for the projects is based on the different transformative value additons available on the project. With either free hold or lease hold, all Optiven projects come with title deeds making investments with Optiven not just dependable but also fun.

To start taking a part of the Optiven projects,