Planting of fruit trees has many benefits and all residents of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace will ENJOY!  Why do we spend thousands of shillings in planting trees in our Projects, see the benefits:

  1. Trees combat climate change: They absorb the excess carbon dioxide CO2, while releasing oxygen back into the air.
  2. Trees clean the air: They are physical filters that absorb pollutant gasses (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide et al), odour and dust.
  3. Trees cool Cities: Trees have capacity to cool our cities by up to 10 F.
  4. Trees stabilizes the soil and absorbs thousands of litters of storm water
  5. Trees protect our future – The number of homes in cities will outstrip those living in the country side. This means parks are key to reduce stress. Research shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees or green space, your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and your stress levels come down.
  6. Trees give us shade, provide medicine, reduces radiation, are a source of shelter to birds & drastically reduce noises.
  7. Trees are physical filters, trap dust, and absorb pollutants from the air.

Let’s join together and plant thousands of trees in our environment. We at Amani Ridge the place of Peace project are rallying all our customers to also plant at least 7 trees in their respective plots.


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