Optiven stakeholders were not left behind during the month of November 2023. This was the celebration that marked the 24th year of Optiven’s existence and with it celebration too of stakeholders that have contributed to making Optiven what it has become.

The initial stakeholders to be celebrated were staff serving at the different offices across the country, including in Nakuru, Nanyuki, Mtwapa, Malindi, Absa and Karen. The focus on the rewards was based on the company’s key values of honesty, professionalism, customer focus and innovation.

Over a period of about sixty days, staff were granted an opportunity to nominate in real time their colleagues who had exemplified themselves as outstanding staff under the company values. Speaking at the launch of the staff rewards initiatives, Martin Waweru, Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Manager at Optiven said, “the process is being spearheaded by our top company Directors and aims at singling out staff that have been outstanding. While as a company Optiven has continued to empower and provide employment opportunities to over 450 staff, there are those that have understood their assignment and plugged into the company culture and are great examples for their peers to emulate.

Optiven Limited has been in existence since 1999 continued to inspire possibilities through offering employment opportunities. Through mentorship, graduates from different colleges and universities are given an opportunity to experience the working world for a six-month period.

The staff are also provided with an opportunity to improve their skills through internal training facilitated by the top management at Optiven. The company continues to live up to it’s vision of providing 30,000 employment opportunities by the year 2030.

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