Have you ever had an idea you had turned down?

You had to meekly go back to the start after being told that your idea would never work, you could just as easily throw in the towel and walked away.

Did you though?

You just kept on pushing and persevering.

They never told you that failure is just part of the journey. The only ‘L’ you got was ‘LESSONS’.

This is for you.

A message of encouragement, keep going.

Keep going because there is one thing greater than an idea.

A greater idea!


“Did you know Coca-cola in their first year sold ONLY 25 bottles?”


So you have finally bought into Real Estate but you’re wondering why there is no observable change in your wealth yet?

It will take a minute before it starts showing, all you need to remember is that just because it’s taking time does not mean it is not happening.



For every piece of plot you bite, you shall get to experience UTAMU HALISI.

With a minimum deposit of KES 298K, you shall walk away with A BLENDER or a KES 5K CASHBACK.


Dream Today!

Together inspiring possibilities.

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