We would like to take this opportune time to thank all those in Diaspora for supporting our vision of Economically and Socially empower and transform the Society. We toured several states in USA and we are very grateful for the many friends we made, the many relationships we created and for the innumerable warm handshakes.

We at Optiven Group will forever remain to be your humble servants. We exist to serve you all the time. We also thank those who made our movement easier and may God open doors for you. We now humbly request you to join us for our Diaspora Big thanksgiving party on 14th December 2018. This will be a Great time to thank each of you.

For the many teenagers we met and inspired during various seminars, keep the focus and you have what it takes to make the world a better place. Keep your principles and choose your friends wisely as Eagles soar with fellow Eagles. For all those who gave us hours to support the less fortunate including orphans and widows in our society, we say to you

Asante sana!
God bless you