Here at Optiven, we usually have FIVE Levels of properties.

  • Each level has its set of value additions.
  • The levels are also based on location, proximity to infrastructure.
  • Market prices are thus based on these factors.
  • This ensures that we cater for low, middle and high end customers.
  • Just start at your level as life is about step by step

Here are Optiven property Levels:

Plots that are Bare

  • They do not have any value additions on them at all.
  • Their price range from Kshs. 195, 000 per plot to 675,000 per plot.
  • These are projects like Sifa Gardens, Hekima Gardens, Favour Gardens and
  • Hope Gardens in Kajiado which goes for  Kshs. 675,000 per plot.

Limited Value Added Plots

  • These plots have graded roads, fence with barbed wire, power not too far and there is scarce settlement. Examples are
  • Rafiki Gardens along Kangundo Rd. @ Kshs. 695, 000 per plot.
  • Peace Gardens in Nyeri  @ Kshs. 695, 000 per plot (this is only 500 meters off Tarmac)

Standard Value Added Plots (Medium Value Added Plots)

High level Value Additions

Super Prime Value Addition

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