By George Wachiuri

Victory Gardens was meant to be victorious from the word go. Which has now made me confirm, just how much power there is in a name.

Many times over, I keep revisiting the initial days of this strategically located gated estate that seats on a very calm corner of Kitengela. These were the days that our team was working hard to come up with the fundamental plans for this new estate. I clearly recall how this great team was insisting on how we must ensure that Victory Gardens has a full one acre play area for children.

One full acre play area for children play area? Yes. And this has ended up being one of the best green space at Victory Gardens. It’s a place where children can just be children.

Another bigger portion was set aside for parents, with a foresight that they could use this space when they have their estate meetings or when they want to roast some mbuzi together in this beautiful gated community.

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That was not all, we had a proposal from one of our sales advisors to install aluminum hoisted solar lights with motion sensors in this project. We ended up signing a mega deal on this just recently and this installation is already ongoing.

Still, an Engineer added his professional voice to the project ideas; that we also needed a cemented river to take care of storm water and alongside this river, that we do a jogging track to keep the residents of this estate healthy.

As if that is not all, Optiven’s General Manager floated an idea that we should plant thousands of trees on this project. I now think, given her insistence on this matter, that she must be a relative of Prof. Wangari Maathai. This was finally done and Victory Gardens now has thousands of trees that not only line up along the internal streets, but also on its green spaces.

Another soft and calm voice came from a gentleman who ended up being one of Optiven jewels, and the current caretaker at this project. He insisted that this project should have a 24/7 manned security, a gate house and that we should also ensure that we use the bio digester system that will enable water recycling in the project.

He insisted that each person doing a home should set up one or be shown how it works. The young man had done his research, as this is the technology that is used in European countries.

All these ideas came through our brainstorming sessions just a few years ago. To which, I must admit that I am a person who always highly respect everyone’s opinions and ideas, regardless of their status in life. This is a practical secret if you want to tap into mind-blowing ideas that can change the world.

When I look back at all those ideas that were being floated then, I can only sigh with a big relief, given the transformation that has already taken place on this project. You only need to visit Victory Gardens with a check-list and tick off one-by-one, all these ideas that are now tangible at this project.

Yes, you can now enjoy all the value additions on this super amazing gated community as you also grab this chance to pick your very own Transformed Plot in this very beautiful, organized green mini-city in Kitengela.

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